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Dalliesin.com was established in 2001. It was originally the business portal for Dalliesin, Inc, a privately held corporation headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. Dalliesin wrapped up operations in 2003, and the website sat unattended and defunct until 2006, when it was converted to a personal website.


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Dalliesin (da-lE-'e-sin)

The name Dalliesin recalls a grand architect planning a masterpiece, evolving over time, that will touch his life like no other...

Dalliesin is the combination of two different names. "Dall..." comes the word dally, meaning a playful pursuit. "...iesin" comes from the name Frank Lloyd Wright gave to homes that he built for himself. The first home he built, in Spring Green, Wisconsin, was named Taliesin, and was completed in 1911. In 1937, Frank Lloyd Wright began wintering in Scottsdale, AZ, and named the house he built in the desert Taliesin West. Click here for more information about Taliesin.

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