Virtual Private Networks

Under these tough economic conditions, companies are forced to improve their financial performance. While growing revenues and margins quicker than expected would be the preferred method, lackluster demand in the market has made this nearly impossible. The only other option is to cut costs.

Many companies recognize that exciting new networking technologies, like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), provide an option to cut expenses without reducing utility or functionality. Indeed, VPNs may actually improve the reach and flexibility of an enterprise network, resulting in increased employee productivity.

VPN VPNs replace private networks and place enterprise data communications across a shared, public network, like the Internet, while providing mechanisms to ensure security and control. From small remote sites, to road-warriors, or teleworkers, VPN technology delivers on the promise to securely connect employees with enterprise applications – no matter where they are – at significantly reduced costs.

Just a few years ago, VPNs were a nascent technology. Today, VPNs enjoy widespread deployment. If your company hasn’t either deployed or planned to deploy a VPN, be assured that your competition has. And the economic benefits of VPNs will provide competitive advantages to those that deploy them most effectively.

Unfortunately, the complexities of VPN technology tend to offset the savings from operating a private backbone. VPNs are not “plug and play” devices from hardware vendors nor are they “turn-key” solutions from service providers. VPNs are systems that must interact with existing infrastructure, such as the enterprise network, authentication systems, access control systems, content/application servers, and network management systems. Integration between these systems and each of their interfaces is no simple task.

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